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We about us

click to enlarge: Trading technical products Division
We are a successful family run business which has been zealously on the market for two generations. In this respect, we attach great importance to our family-orientated operational environment as only satisfied employees can be 100% behind our products. Success does not just happen, but is a result of service an high quality. These are values which every single person in our company is responsible for.

Highly motivated and qualified employees are therefore our valuable asset fulfil the demands of our customers to the highest level of satisfaction.

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"A customer is the most important person in a company"
                                                      said: Hans Heinrich Parth (12th century)

Apart from a widespread standard range of drive components, we also manufacture high-precision engine components in accordance with drawing specifications. Thanks to our state-of-the-art CNC-controlled machines, we can offer the reasonably-priced production of individual parts and small series within short lead times.
From our early beginnings, in which production was effected using conventional machines, we have grown to become a technologically progressive company. Investments in innovative technologies generated conditions for high performance.
Thanks to our longstanding experience in production and our technological expertise we are a reliable partner who can rapidly react to the requirements of its customers.
We have long-time experience with key players in the tool, textile, paper and special machine industries. In addition, the most modern methods are used in combination with tried and tested manufacturing techniques. As a result, in the last few decades we have been able to grow into a reliable partner, competent and future-orientated service provider.