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Construction & Drive Configuration

click to enlarge: Construction & Drive Configuration Division
We are your competent partner for all matters concerning customer-specific problems relating to drive engineering. With the expertise of an economical manufacturing process and direct access to our own production, we are perfectly suited to solve your drive engineering requirements cost-effectively.

We can offer you our support in technical and commercial inspections of your existing drives, as well as in the development and realisation of new constructions.

By implementing computer-aided design (CAD) and drive configuration (CAP) in combination with many years of experience, we can provide you with customised and standardised solutions.

With our know-how and flexibility we are a competent partner for the application of conveyor systems and machine construction for single-machined and mass produced parts.

Here you can complete a data sheet
for drive configuration, which you can
directly submit to us for drive calculation:

Data sheet for drive configuration